quilt monday

A long time ago, there was a lady named Margaret. Margaret loved to make quilts. One day, one of Margaret's friends bought a quilting machine and started a quilting business. Margaret couldn't have been happier.

Margaret pieced lots of quilts and kept her friend busy with quilting them. One day, Margaret brought in some quilts to be quilted. She picked patterns for them all but one. That one, Margaret didn't care what happened to it. She didn't particularly like the quilt and said she didn't care if she got the quilt back.

The quilt sat for a long time in the friend's quilting studio. One day, one of the friends decided to quilt the quilt.

quilted with Bountiful Feathers 

I love the colours in this quilt. And yes, that is no snow on the ground; my flowers are even all in bloom lol.

sorry, I couldn't get the colours right in this picture-it's too washed out

I had a some fair time a few weeks ago so I felt it was time to finally get this quilt quilted up so someone could enjoy it.

The paisley print is interested, it's almost gauze like. I was happy that there was just enough extra backing to make binding for the quilt.

Now to find someone to give this a happy home.

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