double trouble

Faith and Delinda are quilting buddies. As a result, they usually piece the same quilt. Here is there most recent one.

Faith brought her's in first. It was a wedding gift.

I hadn't seen this fabric line until this quilt. And somehow I have resisted scooping it up.
I love this quilt pattern. Such a beautiful quilt!

Delinda brought in her version that afternoon. Neither knew the other was coming in. And I didn't know the quilts were the same. 
I love how by just using different fabrics, the quilt looks so different.

Doesn't it look different?
They both picked the same pantograph, Daisy#3.

Delinda also made another quilt with her leftovers.
And yup, had it quilted with Daisy#3 lol.

Looking forward to what they make next.

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