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Last week my uncle turned 80. He's had some health issues the past few months and did not want a party. Uncle is  a huge train fan and mom made him up a lovely train quilt(you can read about it here). She did her's differently than the directions said to so she had quite a bit of fabric leftover. I had the idea to make a matching pillow.

I drafted out what I wanted, sewed it all together and ended up with a 19.5 inch front for a 14inch pillow. Huh?? lol. Out came the seam ripper, I pulled it all apart and started again.

Who knew making a pillow would make such a mess? And require 5 rulers lol.

This is what I ended up with.

and the back

I know it's not the most exciting pillow in the world but I was(am) happy with how it turned out. And my uncle was speechless when he opened our gifts.

Next up sewing wise...


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great pillow to go with the quilt.

Katherine said...

Worth every ripped stitch and all those rulers it took to make it, Rhonda! I think it's a great looking masculine pillow and I'll bet your uncle was very moved by the handmade gifts.

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