Do you remember that song from Sesame Street? lol Anyways, I have been super productive this year and have completed NINE quiltie projects. All but two have been quilted. I have gone back a three day work week which gives me(has given me lol) a full day at home to be creative. Right now it's working well and I'm hoping to get to keep my two days off.

As a result, I have this pile of quilts that need their binding finished.

Some of these I have blogged, some I haven't ;)

I made two of these; one has been quilted and is already living at it's new home.

I finished this quilt top.

pattern is Mazed and can be found here

And this little quilt made for Valentine's Day.

pattern from Quilts and More, winter 2013 by Camille

What have you been working on?

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Anonymous said...

Love "Mazed"!!!! And the red/white is always a winner!!! You are always the busy one!!!!

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