not my quilts monday

I've been meaning too add up all the customer quilts that I did in 2013 but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I do know that I worked more days this year but had more time off (it does make sense. sort of). Here are a few of my recent customer quilting jobs.

Andrea's brother in law is a big Star Wars fan so this fabric was a perfect choice. It was discovered after she gifted the quilt to him that some of the fabric glows in the dark. How cool is that?

I loved the pantograph that Andrea chose; Square Dance.

Dawn's table topper.

quilted with Folk Heart

Anita made this quilt for her husband.

quilted with Mozart

I love the detail she added in the corners.

Denise's winter quilt.

quilted with a meander

Carol's quilt for her nephew.

quilted with Popcorn

Rose's quilt

quilted with Twilight

Juanita passed away and we have been quilting her quilts as her friends get them finished.

quilted with Falling Leaves

quilted with Floral Meander
I love these blocks.

This adorable baby quilt by Marion

Quilted with Spring in Spades

Too cute!

And lastly, these fabulous quilts by Marie

Quilted with Daisies and Loops

Quilted with Bluster

And lastly, by Sharon
quilted with Alfresco
Loved how the quilting shows up on the backing.

I'll have a few more later this week.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! Lovely that Juanita's are being finished by those who surrounded her. I lost my quilting buddy last Spring and I've done much the same. The local quilt group we both belonged to selected from her stash and, for our Christmas gift exchange, made something to be exchanged. So special as we all remembered good times. Hugs.....

Janet B said...

Love the purple and green one.

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