I love when I get the same quilt from two different clients. Sometimes they pick the same quilting pattern; sometimes the quilts look the same. 

Betty pieced this Thangles quilt. Sure wish I gotten in on this one; I love the fabrics.

quilted with Bluster
The quilting pattern matches the fabric line so well.

Wilma also did a Thangles quilt.

quilted with Bluster

Wilma also did this jelly roll race quilt. On this one, she just wanted the quilting in the body of the quilt. The red in the pictures was a flange and she didn't want that quilted down.

quilted with Daisies and Loops

Nancy made a similar quilt to Wilma, adding a flange to the border. She also wanted a pattern just in the body of the quilt but asked for piano keys in the border.

quilted with Jasmine Leaves
The pattern matched the fabrics so perfectly.

Nancy also made this lovely string quilt.

quilted with Clinging Vine
I love that Nancy went with a vivid emerald green thread on the backing; shows the quilting pattern so nicely.

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