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Custom quilt a quilt of my own, I usually hang it up on the design wall at work to get inspired. I usually always end up with what my first idea was but I think it's a good idea to think about it a little bit.

So last week I hung my zig zag quilt up. And I'll admit, I wasn't happy with it. After a few days of staring at it, I realized what felt off about it.

Is it just me or is the solid zig overwhelming? That's how I felt so I took the quilt down and brought it home and out came the seam ripper.

Now it looks like this

I still find the solid strong on the quilt but I think it's a wee bit more subdued with the two pieced zigs instead.

And now it's time to get back to this quilt.

I wish this line would get reprinted; I should have hoarded way more of it!

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Three Birds Inspired said...

I like the zig zag quilt. Double Chocolat? Good to see it done this way. I have the fabric and I have the technology! I think the only thing I will do differently is use Kona bone or ecru for the neutral. Yep. I have decided. I am going to do zig zag. Hope I have enough for a decent sized throw.

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