Christmas Cards

I've posted a few Christmas cards that I made for 2012 so here are the last few.

This first one I made at a Christmas card class. I love this stamp set; I bought it just after this class and can't wait to use it next year. I'll admit, I am not thrilled with this card; I think the ink is too dull. Maybe we should have embossed it? 

Once I finished all my cards; I discovered that I was short some. So I copied one of my favorite cards from 2011.

And that was when Jim informed me that he needed cards for work and I made these.

Those cards are still sitting on his desk :p

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Zanymouse said...

I can't believe you make your own Christmas cards! It was all I could do to order mine and then order my kids to stuff and label all the envelopes. I had to skip the annual recap letter this year, oh well! All of your cards are very pretty.

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