6 in four

This was a crazy, crazy week. Started off on Monday with this cute quilt by Judy. She wanted the quilt customed. All she requested was a freehand loopy star in the borders like I had done for her on a similar quilt last Christmas.

I loved this block.

And this hot air balloon block.

Tuesday brought me Teresa's quilts. Teresa leaves Saturday for Tanzania and needed these done asap.

quilted with Tractors
Love her fabrics.

And Teresa's second quilt

quilted with Plush
The pattern looks great on her fabrics.

Wednesday brought Renae with a beautiful modern baby quilt. Renae is due with baby on the 16th and now she has some binding to do before baby arrives.

quilted with Surf's Up
Check out the beautiful lace in the quilt.

Denita brought in these two beautiful sampler quilts.

One for Wednesday afternoon
quilted with Surf's Up
And one for Thursday.
quilted with Princess Garden
Now I really get to enjoy Friday off! 6 more days of work and 9 more quilts to finish before Christmas.

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Three Birds Inspired said...

At the pace you are going, you should be able to get those last 9 quilts out by the end of next week! I have a couple of custom orders to do next week and then I am done. Last year I delivered a quit at midnight on Christmas Eve. I vowed "never again"!

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