I love Wednesdays. It's my standard day off and I had a list of goodies I wanted to finish off yesterday.

I got the binding finished on my fall wallhanging. I got it hung up on the wall and discovered this,

Can you see what the issue is?
 I always, always square up my quilts after quilting and this one I apparently did not lol. Now I need to decide if I am going to take the binding off and straighten it or just leave it. 

Next up, a bento box quilt. 
I got the blocks finished on Sunday and was ready to start sewing the rows. When I was assembling the blocks, something looked off but I could put my finger on it. As soon as I sewed a few blocks together, I figured it out.

I didn't match the pieces lol! So I am actually going to take it apart and re-do it.

I have a special birthday coming up and need figured I could get the cutting finished. 
Except I had two small problems.

At this point I decided it was time to give up on the sewing and start a new embroidery project.

It was a pretty good day.

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Zanymouse said...

I love your Fall wallhanging, so pretty! I wouldn't bother with straightening out that corner. Isn't that what potted plants are for, to hide tiny imperfections? I can't wait to see your finished embroidery. I love the design!

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