Today is 3 months until Christmas. THREE MONTHS! I've already been busy working on Christmas themed quilts; they seem to come earlier and earlier every year.

Bea pieced this beautiful winter/Christmas quilt.

quilted with Mini Starflower
I love this quilt. Bea's embroidery is beautiful.
I love the silver thread she used here and there.

I spent 14 hours quilting this next quilt for Hamels
14 very long hours. 

And you can't even see all the quilting lol. But that was the whole point. I kept it simple; outlined the appliques; did a double piano key in the outer board. A simple ribbon stitch in the inner borders. My favorite part of the whole quilt is the various backgrounds in each block.

I followed the patterns in the block backgrounds. The bell block is cross-hatched; the wreath straight line quilted. So simple.

I love how the border turned out.

This is another Hamels quilt. I love snowman and this quilt I love.

quilted with Starflower

Now before I start getting asked, on both these quilts I did quilt right over the embroidery. It's not something I like to do but it's entirely possible to do. It's all up to the quilter and what the quilt owner wants done to their quilt.

I love the backing for this quilt.

And my favorite block

So three months until Christmas. I think it's time to start thinking about what gifts I'm making this year.


Darlene said...

Beautiful Christmas/Holiday quilts. I prefer to quilt through my embroidery - don't like when it poofs up. :-)

It's fun to see the Snowmen A to Zzzz quilt because it's the one I'm working on now in redwork. :-)

Doreen said...

Oooooo....The thoughts of the Christmas season is a bit much right now! Am just beginning to assess my thoughts...ha! That first quilt is awesome!! You did a right fine quilting job on all....congrats!!

LuLu said...

Amazing! Those quilts are both so amazing! That's a whole lot of quilting. Beautiful work :-)

Robin Beck said...

Beautiful! All the quilts shown are outstanding-I'm especially crazy about the last one. You do such amazing work!
P.S. I was Christmas crafting yesterday... I vowed not to get overwhelmed this Christmas SO I'm starting early!

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the Christmas themed quilt?

Unknown said...

How can I get the pattern for the Christmas Sampler 2012 quilt?

Livesp said...

It said when we clicked on the link we would get the pattern and I do not see anywhere to get the pattern. What’s the deal?

cathey said...

No pattern?? What's up? Am I missing it somewhere?

Unknown said...

Where is the pattern?

Unknown said...

I have spent hours trying to locate the countdown quilt. I can't find your phone number?? A site called Quilting Tutorials is stating Countdown is free just download! Doesn't appear to be the case. All I'm interested in is buying pattern, please.

QuiltNut Creations said...

I don't know of a quilt named Countdown. That was just the title of this blog post regarding counting down to Christmas.

Unknown said...

Love the quilt

Unknown said...

Do you sell the pattern for the A to Z Snowman quilt? If so how much??

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