quilt monday

Home again, home again. We went on a somewhat spontaneous trip to Washington State to visit Jim's grandparents this past weekend. Saturday was Jim's first day off since January 9th; we all needed to get away and just relax. And relax we did; the weather was fabulous. Perfect for walking along the beach and just being a family. 

Lucky for me, I had some very special quilts to deliver to one of Jim's cousins. He and his wife had a baby almost 2years ago; I didn't make her a quilt :( Just before Christmas, they had their second child. Now I had to do one!

I meant to take this pictures outside on the beach but I got too busy chatting. Than it was dark lol. I did manage to get a bit of the ocean in the corner of the pictures.

This is Esther's quilt. She'll be 2 in April.
quilted with Butterflies and Loops
I scored this backing fabric at a local fabric sale on buy 1 get 3 free. 

For sweet little baby Jillian, a matching quilt. Only difference is Jillian's quilt has a border of white.

quilted with Angel Wings

Now I need to get the other 2 quilts finished.


Kimberly said...

They're beautiful! What a great auntie! (Not that you're old as in GREAT auntie... just that you're fabulous as in great auntie.) I'm sure you know what I mean :o)

Barb said...

Both quilts are just wonderful...great backing!

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