busy busy busy

It's a double-edge sword; better to be busy at work then to not have any work at all. I would like things to slow down just a wee bit though lol.

Here's a few of my recent customer finishes.

Pieced by Ann for her grand-daughter.
Quilted with Twilight

A pillow to match the queen quilt by Barb
Quilted with Raindrops.

Brenda requested a panto in the body of the quilt and meander quilting in the appliqued borders.

Quilted with Folk Heart.

Cynthia pieced this fabulous quilt for her son who lives in Hawaii.

She requested a meander in the quilt body and Surf's Up in the borders.

I absolutely love the fabric she used.

Shelia pieced the following two quilts.
Quilted with Crazy Puzzle.

Quilted with Flowing Feathers.

I love how Donna changed up this Frolic panel.
Quilted with Bubbles.

And lastly, Toni did up this lovely quilt.
Quilted with Fire Flower.

Now it's off to work for me to finish some more!


Clare said...

I love the first quilt. I'm in the process of creating a series of quilts made up of pieced together blocks similar to this. I'm calling it The Fool Series, as in Gooseberry Fool. I've done 2 - finished the second one yesterday - and this has given me an idea for the next one.

Sophisticat Studio said...

Wow, you really have been busy! Your clients do some amazing work too, and your quilting really enhances it. Well done!

Myra said...

Wonderful customer quilts Rhonda! How inspiring it must be to work on such wonderful creations!! 8-)

Nancy said...

These are all so gorgeous!

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