a few of my favorites

By Donna

quilted with Morning Glory.

Hamels Origins Line quilt

quilted with Watercourse.

Marie's lovely quilt for her daughter.

quilted with Folk Heart.

Denise's beautiful flannel quilt for her brother.

quilted with Falling Leaves.

A super fun quilt by Shelia for her daughter.

I love the Spider Web pattern that Shelia requested.

And lastly, Kathy's quilt for her soon upcoming new grandbaby.

quilted with Bubbles.


Unknown said...

All So beautiful and inspiring...one of these days it's gonn be MY quilt in a post!!!

Barb said...

Truly enjoyed the quilts you showed today, just wonderful!

Shawn said...

Beautiful quilts and quilting, I would love to try quilting with a longarm some day...

Myra said...

Wonderful quilts Rhonda! I especially like Marie's B/W & Purple!!! Thanks for sharing! 8-)

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