have some pieced quilt tops you need quilted?

Then we have a deal for you!

Quilted Cats Hideway is now offering some special permanent lower pricing on specific edge to edge/pantograph quilting patterns.

The details:
Pick one of the following edge to edge/pantographs;

Falling Leaves/Autumn Leaves
Surf's Up
Shooting Stars/Random Stars
Morning Glory
Flowing Feathers

And receive the following price on your quilting.
King-size quilts for $130.00
Queen-size quilts for $100.00
Double/Full-size quilts for $80.00 and
Lap quilts for $60.00.

Prices do not include taxes or batting and no other discount will be taken with this new pricing.

This is NOT a sale. This is new permanent pricing if you chose the above patterns.

Looking for some more savings? We are also offering a special pricing on 'meandering' patterns. Check our website for the details.

Out of town/province? We'll quilt for you too!

Contact us for more details or see our webpage.

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