I've done two custom quilts in the past week. And have 7 more waiting to be done-eek. Funny how word gets out, especially in an area where not a lot of our longarmers do custom work anymore.

First up, was Hamels Back on the Farm quilt.

I had so much fun meandering, stippling, echoing and putting in wavy straight lines. I also piano keyed the borders(how much fun are piano keys? love them!) I also ended up using 17 different colors of thread as well!

I really love McKenna Ryan quilts; but there are sooooooo many pieces!

Next up was a quilt for Arlana. This is a jelly roll pattern and it was huge. The pattern called it a lap size; a 80X90 lap size. That is one BIG lap lol. Arlana asked if I could work the pattern Wildflower into the quilt. Here's what I came up with.

Wildflower in the center of the quilt and in the dark blue border. Than I ditched the whole thing. This ruler rocks for ditching; the Cavanaugh Crosshatch.

The hardest part was trying to decide what to do around the raw edge applique. I had originally thought of echoing the applique shapes but than I wasn't sure how to fill the rest of the border in. So I decided to piano key the border. It turned out awesome; you could hardly see the quilting; perfection!

I also did some quilting in the red borders. It's not supposed to be vine or anything; just needed to anchor it down. It was also quilted entirely with cotton thread.

Now I can't wait to make my own.


Barb said...

Just beautiful...both quilts.

Jennifer Blosser said...

Love the top McKenna Ryan quilt! I've seen it but my knuckles tense up when I think of all the pieces!

Really ... fabulous!

Hugs & stitches,

Sarah said...

I absolutely love that farmyard quilt. I don't know what all your technical terms mean, but I appreciate how you had your foot in the picture so I could get a better idea of how big the quilt is. Very nice :)

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