wordless wednesday

I scheduled this post yesterday. At this moment, I'm more than likely scrambling around packing the last odds and ends for our family camping trip. To our favorite lake in the middle of nowhere. No cell phones, internet or TV for the next 10days. How will we survive?? lol!!

I'm sure the movie premiere last night was fantastic. How could it not be? The theater is an hour or so from our place; we don't expect to get home until around 3am. Than up early(eek!) to pack up and head out. It could be a grumpy car ride for me ;) Today is also B's 10th birthday. I'm already tired just typing this out!

I have no posts scheduled other than this one while we are away. I wish all my Canadian readers a Happy Canada day and a happy 4th of July to all my American ones.

See you in 10 days!!!

PS-I had to post a reaction to the movie. I didn't like it *sob*. I'm heartbroken; my favoritest book of the Twilight series and I didn't like the movie. I'm hoping I was just too overtired(we did sit through all 3 Twilight movies!) and the theater was unbelievalby hot(they couldn't get the a/c working). Fingers crossed I feel differently when I see it after our trip. I can't explain what I didn't like; I just didn't like it :(

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