quilts canada 2010

What an amazing experience and the most fabulous week! It was also a very long 10days away from Jim and the boys. I got home early Monday morning and spent the rest of the day napping and recovering; the flight home was very turbulent and I don't like flying at the best of times. Add in way too much laundry, getting groceries and cleaning the house it's been a busy week.

I hadn't been on the ground in Calgary for an hour when this happened.

And this wouldn't be the only time we got snow. It snowed on and off all day Wednesday than Thursday night we got dumped on. The snow was halfway to my knees the next morning. Sadly, it did end up effecting the amount of people at Quilts Canada that day.

The booths.

Jennifer did an amazing job organizing the APQS booth.

Here she is demoing,


My favorites of the Trend Tex Challenge Quilts

The Miniature Quilt display,

My absolute favorite.

And the antique quilts-absolutely stunning!

This hand appliqu├ęd top was found in a Value Village in Calgary.

Feedsack quilt,

The convention center was beautiful.

We had the best view for the week.

Look at that blue sky.

Some of my favorite quilts on display.

The handquilting on this is stunning.

As is it on this one.

I did get some fun stuffs. But I had so much stuff that I sent almost all of it with mom and dad as they drove. And they aren't home until the weekend. So I can't show you everything. Yet.

Two fun new patterns.

Some fun new sandals. Actually, I bought a lot of new clothes. Calgary doesn't have a provincial sales tax so it made sense to buy some new stuffs there lol.

Now only if it was warm enough to wear them!

A quilt block charm for my cell phone.

And a fun purse.

Now I'm taking the rest of the week off(woo hoo!). I have 18 birthday party invites to make tomorrow(my baby is turning 8!!!) And maybe get some sewing done. Stay tuned!


Kimberly said...

Such fabulousness! My fave is the one with the clothesline... way cool!

Peggy said...

Wonderful pics - you almost make me feel like I was there!!! And the Joan's Own quilt - she's one of my favorite designers too!

Andy said...

aww...Kim beat me to it...I too love the clothesline quilt...is there a pattern by chance??? it would look perfect in my house:) Looks like you got some great stuff and had a great time!

Myra said...

Sounds like an awesome getaway for you! Absolutely wonderful photos... except for the snowy one! What a damper that must have been! lol! 8-)
Love that quilting with the variegated thread on black! Stunning!
Happy stitchings!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Those quilts were really amazing -- especially the minatures and the quilt with a house and 3-D quilts on the line! Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a great time and sorry about the snow!

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