are you ready?

Quilt show season is just around the corner and Hamels has been keeping me busy with quilts for the shows.

Absolutely loved the backing for this one.

Quilted with Camellia.

Two quilts, same pattern, different fabrics.

Quilted with Bayside.

Quilted with Rainbow Trout.

Love the detail in the panto.

Perfect for these fabrics.

And the perfect flannel quilt for a quiet afternoon and a good book.

Quilted with Treetop.

Don't you love my slipper in the corner? lol


Barb said...

Love all the quilts you showed!!!

Elizabeth said...

Those are all really great! My favorite is the first quilt! Thanks for sharing some quilty goodness!

Andy said...

busy, busy girl...I need to get a quote from you for my village quilt!

Kimberly said...

Ditto Andrea's comment!

And I was going to say that I saw that fishing fabric out at Hamels and it's awesome! My dad would looove it!

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