quilt monday

I'm going to start off by saying how upset I am with these pictures. It was raining at the time I took them and all the batteries for my cameras were being recharged so I had to use our oldest's camera.

I couldn't figure out the settings but they looked okay when I took them. So I shot a few pictures, wrapped up the quilt and gave it to the recipient. Only to come home and take a look at these pictures *sob*

Anyways, here it is

Quilted with Timeless Hearts. LOVE this pattern. And it's currently on sale!!

I even smacked a label on. Go me!


Jennifer Blosser said...

Very lovely! Go you for that label. Labels are one of my downfalls. Most of the time I just forget!


anne said...

wow love your quilt and the fabric looks awesome. what is the pattern as I have not seen it in Australia. Many thanks.

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