We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Celebrated Christmas Eve with a lovely candlelight service at church than came home and fondued. First time we've done hot oil with the kids and they all loved it.

This year Jim and I wrapped presents before Christmas Eve, usually we do them after all our guests go home. Glad we didn't wait as we had a few left to wrap and were still up until 2am lol.

Our kids are great; this was the earliest I think they have gotten up on Christmas morning; 7:15. And I chased them all back to bed. Rule is not before 8am.

Than we did stockings, had breakfast, got dressed and waited for my parents to come join in the fun. And yes, more presents to add under the tree.

I got not 1, not 2 but THREE boxes of Purdys chocolates-yum!

A whole whack of Twilight/New Moon goodies. My 14yr old got me the calendar; how funny is that? lol

Some more charms to add to my pandora bracelet

My parents got us the ottoman to match my new red chair. I sooooo love this chair!

Than we did it all again at my parent's place on Boxing Day.


Rachel said...

Great post Rhonda...I love seeing how other families celebrate Christmas.

Myra said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas... 8-)

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