in the zone

Went into work for a few hours today to help out with our big inventory sale. I was hoping I could get mom's Christmas present quilted while I was there.

It turned out to be one of those fantastic days where everything goes right. Not only did I get mom's quilt quilted, but I got TWO more as well!

Things were going so well that I was really, really, REALLY tempted to start a fourth quilt but mom told me to get home lol. Plus she was afraid I wouldn't get it finished tonight and she needs her machine to finish dad's Christmas present. From last year. lol!!

Two of the quilts I did today were pieced by a dear family friend. Mom and I regularly clean out our scrap bins and fabric stashes and give all the fabrics to Donna. Donna makes many many many quilts every year and sends them off to orphanages around the world. She surprised us back in September with 4 quilts she had made for my boys with fabrics from us. Two of those quilts I got done today.

Someone already loves his.


Barb said...

I just love days like that.....will you send one my way?

Myra said...

Good for you with getting so much done! I'd love to have a longarm setup to "get things done" faster... in my case it would be MUCH faster! lol! 8-)
How nice of Donna to make your boys quilts... 8-)

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