I'm sick. Jim is sick. At least the two of us have it together(awww lol). So nothing new to post. I took Wednesday off to rest up for the rest of the week. We are pretty swamped with quilts right now(yay!) and I can't afford to take any time off. But I also can't afford to get totally run down. It's a fine line isn't it?

Last Friday night, Bag Ladies got together at work for another fun night. There were 7 of us this time, a great sized group.

From left to right, Deana, Sarah and Marcia

Deana was working on some super cute Grab Bags but with her little helper, she wasn't able to get much done.

Evie is sure a cutie though isn't she?

Sarah and Marcia were both finishing up some messenger bags. Sarah got right into sewing; look at all that thread lol.

But she got her bag finished. Cute isn't it? lol!

We had a giggle when my bag strap *attacked* Deana.

From left to right again, Cindy, Jill and Andrea.

Cindy and I both worked on the pleated purse. Jill was making another reversible bag than switched to a beautiful table runner. Andrea was making little Christmas bags(it is less than 3 months away!)

Cindy brought a super yummy Sour Cream Chocolate Cake and Andrea made a delicious raspberry rhubard platz. And I forgot to take a picture, sorry Andrea! It was just too good.

Can't wait for next time!


Angie said...

You all look like you are having such fun! Wish there were other people around me that liked to sew like I do.

I hope you both feel well soon.


Andy said...

Oh did I forget to say thanks for the oh so unflattering picture of me?

Barb said...

Love that you and your friends get together to sew! Wow!
And that baby is the sweetest thing... so cute!
I hope you and Jim are feeling better soon. xo

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