will i drive you crazy

If I do another bag post? lol

Tonight my dear sister in law babysat our youngest two kids while we had a meet the teacher night at the high school. We had the Phoebe bags to finish that we had started and Erica wanted to make another Buttercup Bag for her mom

I have to say, I am surprised we got them finished. Both of us are completely worn out and Erica heads back to Calgary tomorrow so tonight was our only chance to finish these.

I'm not thrilled with the Phoebe Bag. The instructions weren't exactly clear so we ended up muddling through. I think we ended up taking the bags apart a total of 4 times before we figured out what the instructions were trying to say.

I do love the shape. And the fabric I used for this one. I got the exterior fabric for $1.50/meter on clearance at Fabricland and the green check was in my stash

Erica's is a thank you gift for a friend who cared for Erica's kitties while they have been here.

And Erica's Buttercup bag made with Moda Chocolat. We need to finish the top stitching; I did it twice and ended up taking it out. I'm just too tired to do it right lol


Peggy said...

I really enjoy reading about the bags you make - it's inspiring me, but I haven't got around to actually making any yet. But I do have an idea now for a thank-you gift for our cat-sitter - thanks for posting these.

Lorie said...

Please show us as many bags as you'd like...I love to see them!

Angie said...

Those are cute too!

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