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I am hosting a minor family reunion on Saturday. The occasion? My grandfather's 98th birthday. Yes 98.

I owe a few gifts to family members. I worked on both of them today. This is the beginning of a gorgeous bag. I don't want to post a picture just yet; just incase lol. But I LOVE this bag and will definitely be making one for myself asap.

I also made this disappearing 9patch runner for another family memeber. I'll have to get it quilted up tomrorow and go crazy on the binding to get it finished. Sorry for the dark picture but it's late and it's dark out.

I also finished a charm square wall hanging for me last night. I pieced two of the extra rows into the backing(it's the green fabric on the right edge) I am hoping to get this quilted tomorrow too and up on our bedroom wall

And just to make today even better. I got to spend it with Cindy. She spent the afternoon working hard on finishing up some bags of her own

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dawnmercedes said...

Your quilts and projects are sure to post the finished bag. Do you have any neat projects you could post tutorials on? Something simple that I could recreate? Or perhaps some links to sites that have neat projects.

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