No one in here

Or out here

Not hiding in here

Or there

Today was a very special day. #2 is in overnight camp all week; 3 and 4 started day camp. And my Mom called this morning and asked if #1 can come stay there a few days. Um, YES!

How did I spend my day?

I got #3's birthday card made(his birthday was June 30th lol)

The best part? I finally got all my Quilt A Long blocks cut out!

Now to find a spot to lay them all out and start assembling the top.

And what should I do with all these 7.5x 11.5 blocks?


Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

I know the feeling!! ... but I'm not going to post pics of all my rooms on my blog. lol

let me know what you figure out for the extra blocks!

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

hey, what about cutting each block vertically to create a piano key-ish border for the quilt

Kimberly said...

What should you do with them? Why, give them to me, of course!

Have a great time 'home alone'!

Three Birds Inspired said...

Left over block suggestion - sew them together and make "fabric" then cut out a tote or purse. I think it would be lovely!

Marianne Penner said...

I used mine for a top and bottom border separating them from the rest of the top with a 2 1/2 strip of the most dominant fabric, or just make a matching throw with them. Your blocks look awesome by the way. You made a nice fabric choice there!

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