i love to cook

But I hate planning what to eat and dinner time always(most of the time!) ends up being a rushed frantic push to get something tasty and healthy on the table before it's almost bedtime lol.

I have done meal-planning in the past and last night decided enough was enough. My goal; to get into the habit of doing it again for the remainder of the summer so once school gets back in, I am back in the habit.

So I pulled out some of my favorite cookbooks while dinner was cooking last night and planned the rest of this weeks dinners.

Tonight-it's Beef Stir-fry. One of my favorites and we don't have it nearly enough because I hate touching raw meat and cutting it up *shudder* So I cheated and bought meat from the butcher that was already sliced. I figure the cost difference is worth it lol!

Wednesday-Crisp and Creamy Chicken

Thursday-Creamy BowTie Chicken

Friday-Quick Beef Burrito Skillet

Saturday-soup. Quite possibly the family favorite Hamburger Soup. Or a new one we have tried that seems to be a hit-Tortellini Soup

Sunday-BBQ veggies, BBQ new potatoes and steak.

Wish me luck!


Nancy said...

I get so tired of the cooking and the planning too, especially in the summer. Have you tried the allrecipes.com website? I've gotten so I rarely use cookbooks anymore, just look there for an idea that sounds good. It has all kinds of search features so if you're down to a few ingredients you can still come up with something. I always read the reviews too to tweak things a little.

Marianne Penner said...

I get the meat thing. I really hate touching raw meat too! I force myself to but I really dislike it.

Jeni said...

way to be organized! menu sounds fantastic!!

Lorie said...

Yeah...I'll be eating at your house this week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Your meal plan looks so delish, I am going to use it for my house and send a copy to my Mom. I printed the recipes off from the Kraft site. I also love to check in and see what Sat. goodie you have.

AND,least I forget what is truly important here, your quilts are so pretty. I loved that disappearing nine patch table runner. I told my friend about your pretty cards, she getting into card making.

Thanks for sharing your world with your blog readers!

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