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This is going to be a long one so grab a coffee(tea, pop, water lol) sit back and enjoy!

Back in April Linda called us and said she had 27 quilts she wanted quilted. She was going to call back in a few days to make an appointment to bring them in but we didn't hear from her.

A week or so later, I answer the phone and it's Linda. She had 7 quilts and needed them by May 22nd. We looked at our schedule; it was pretty tight until May 15th but we figured 7 quilts in 7 days? Not a problem.

When Linda brought the quilts, there were 15, not 7. I had 10 of them finished this past Tuesday when Linda called and asked if she could come pick up some of the finished ones. And when she did, she dropped off 5 more lol! Guess what I'm working on next week???

Here are the ones I've finished. The fabrics Linda has used are just beautiful. Most of these quilts are being given away. All were quilted with Genziana Cotton Thread

Daisies Galore

Morning Glory

Floral Meander


Blowin Wind sorry for the bad picture


Chantilly Lace




Kimberly said...

the 'wildflower' one is my fave...

Three Birds Inspired said...

Congrats on getting so many finished. Wow! What a lot of work!! Just loading one quilt top wears me out. I can't imagine doing half that many!

Kaaren said...

I'm soooo impressed! Did you manage to fit in some sleep time? VBG

Great quilting job and some beautiful quilts as well. Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Oh WOW, I cannot believe how quickly you did these! And they're all lovely. Such great colour combos. :)

Barb said...

those are awesome!!!

dawnmercedes said...

THey are all delightful and precious in their own way! Every time I stop by your blog, I want to be a quilter too! Thanks for being such a good commentor on my own blog.

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