as many BCers know, the Fraser River is currently begining flooding in various part of BC. we are expected to get hti by the high waters this ocming weekend-no one knows how bad the flooding will be.

the last major flood to hit this area was in 1948 and we are being told that this will be worse. on the good side, there are now dykes lining the river that weren't there in 1948 and the dykes have all be raise and re-inforced in the past few months.

tomorrow Jim and i are getting sandbags as a percaution. honestly, i was thinking it was all media hype but after taking our daily drive to the river this evening(the busiest road in all of Chilliwack lol!!) i'm not so sure. the river was about 2ft lower than the road tonight and we are to get rain right through monday. it's time to batten down and hang on

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Granny said...

I surely hope the flood isn't as bad as they're predicting. At least your longarm isn't there yet so you don't have to worry about it getting soaked.

Good luck!

Tracy.H said...

I hope you guys make it through with no damage. We had a wicked storm here in Calgary lastnight...lots of damage!! Cars were floating down the streets...it was amazing to see...but not to be in!

Nancy said...

Be safe! Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get as bad as predicted!

As Tracy said we had a wicked storm here in Calgary.... my area was pretty much untouched by damage but the news showed so much!

Anonymous said...

It's raining buckets here too! Dh is heading your way today actually for a course - hopefully he'll be able to get home!

How scary - get prepared - do you have 3 days worth of emergency supplies ready?

Will be thinking of you - keep us posted!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Tracy and Nancy-you guys got hammered last night! yikes!

Kai-we do have 3 days worth of supplies, its just deciding if we are going to move everything(or what we can) upstairs just in case. i hate the not knowing!

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