camera issues

and i can't retake the pictures because they've been mailed already *grrrr*

tomorrow(Thursday) i get to go with B's grade one class to the zoo. hope all the kids have their sunscreen on, its going to be another hot one!

and i promise to have some quilting to show you next week


Anonymous said...

Love these cards! You are very creative, Rhonda. :)

Have fun at the zoo!

Anonymous said...

They're both gorgeous! I really like the flower one though :-)

It was a beautiful day here today too - have a great time tomorrow!

Sarah said...

oh I love the zoo! that was today, right? hope you had fun, and it was a cooker, so hope you survived with no burns.

great cards. Have you tried adding highlights or fill light on a photo editing program? I use Picasa 2 and I can fix up photos that are too dark, or too bright.

QuiltNut Creations said...

the zoo was a blast! i even wore a hat lol. and it was HOT! waiting for the tiger/lion feeding-i can't believe they don't have a cover for the bleachers-we roasted lol

thanx for the suggestions stampinsars. one problem was with the flash, it bleached the papers right out and with no flash, it ended up like that lol. funny though since i took the other card picture right after in the same spot and no problem

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