client spotlight

 Maxine has been a longarm client for I think 6yrs, maybe 7. 

I love how she uses her fabrics; and uses up every single bit that  she can in her quilts.

A lot of her quilts, she sells at a store her sister owns. 

Here are a few of recent ones from Maxine.

quilted with Popcorn 

The quilting panto Popcorn is one of Maxine's favourites so you will see it repeated often.

quilted with Popcorn

This is such a fun panel.

quilted with Floral Meander 

Some lovely pinwheel quilts.

quilted with Swirl

The Churn Dash is my favourite quilt block so this quilt was a favourite.
It also goes to show you how a simple block can make such an impactful quilt.

quilted with Popcorn

I loved the colours in this one.

quilted with Popcorn

The backing was adorable on this one.

Quilts that make secondary patterns area also a favourite of mine.

quilted with Popcorn

Like I said, Maxine uses up every bit of her fabrics.

quilted with a Meander

This quilt Maxine found at a thrift store.

quilted with HeartStrings

A pinwheel Christmas quilt

quilted with Holly Ribbon

Irish Chains are also a favourite of mine.

quilted with Shooting Stars 

Pretty sure Maxine loves baby quilts as much as I do.

quilted with a Meander

This one was another thrift  store find.

quilted with a Meander

It was all handpieced.

And just to show that Maxine does more than just baby quilts.

quilted with a meander

This lovely wedding quilt

quilted with Hubby Love 

So pretty.

Maxine drops off 3 or 4 quilts every 6 weeks. 
She keeps me busy!

This one is adorable.

quilted with a Meander

Lastly, this fun stack n whack.

quilted with Fliratious

Love it!

Always a pleasure Maxine!

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