quilt monday

 I bought the fabric for this quilt back in 2021. Turns out I didn't buy enough and it took a few months to find more of the floral print. 

Once I finished the quilt, I didn't love it. It sat for months while I decided what to do with it. 

Last fall, an idea came to me.

I turned the quilt from a king size to a queen size, using the leftover blocks as part of the backing fabric. And this is the result.

I think what threw me off with this was the brown chain. I had really wanted to go with a black or charcoal and it just didn't work with the floral.

I had thought of staying traditional and quilting this with a feather or a floral, but I went on a whim and quilted it with one of my favourites, Malachite.

I used a ivory and pink print for the backing and with the extra blocks added in, I think it made it extra special.

I ended up giving the quilt to my sister in law. I had made her a quilt years ago and it was long past time that she received a grown up one.

Happy Monday!

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