quilt monday

 How is it already the second week of August? 

And yes, I know I say that pretty much every summer lol. 

We've been camping a lot. Like lots. Currently on a 4week trip; but close enough to home that we'll be commuting for work for 3 weeks. 

Still worth it.

As a result, I've been doing littler quilts(I have some bigger ones almost ready to show!). I do love how quickly they finish up though. 

A friends daughter just turned 16 and wants to become an esthetician and I knew I had the perfect gift for her.

I literally made this the night before and 
was finishing the binding as we drove to the party lol.

It is super cute and such a fun gift.

I used some grunge for the polish, the rest is all kona. 
And even better, it was all from my stash.

I've made this before and quilted a grid on it. 
This time I kept it extra simple and went with a stipple. 
Can never go wrong with that.

And a fun polka dot for the backing.

Happy Monday.


susan q said...

such a fun creative make from you and even on vac cay! love it♥ what a perfect memory for a 16 year old!thanks for sharing it!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Thanks Susan!

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