back in january

 I expected this year to be a slower quilting year than 2020; boy was I ever wrong! 

I'm actually busier than I was last year, any day now I will actually pass how many quilts I quilted in 2020. 

And it's August. 

I surpassed 2019 October 2020.


So, how about some quilts?

Joan made this absolutely adorable quilt for her grandson.

quilted with a stipple

Seriously adorable!

Some beauties by Adienna

quilted with Blowing Wind

The back is as fantastic as the front.

And this cutie.
I really love this one.

quilted with Contempo

Maxine has been a busy bee with quilts. 
Here is a sampling.

quilted with Contempo

quilted with Morning Glory

quilted with a stipple

quilted with a stipple

I love this one by Marianne. 

quilted with a meander

So pretty!

Hand pieced loveliness by Lorie

quilted with a meander

This stunning quilt by Joyce.

quilted with a meander

I think this is sideways lol

By Susan

quilted with Knit1Purl2

Super cute!

I've seen a lot of these from Missouri Star, this is Devra's

quilted with Dazzle

Love it.

This lovely by Delinda.

quilted with a meander

And lastly, this amazing quilt by Carrie.

quilted with a meander

So fabulous!

Thanks ladies!
Until next time :)

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