family day

Yesterday was a holiday here. It was nice to get to spend the day relaxing and getting ready for the upcoming week. Hard to believe this is the second week of February already!

Part of my day yesterday was spent editing blog photos so sit back and enjoy some recent client quilts.

Celia's buggy barn cat quilt, With a cat lol.

quilted with Flirtatious 
Also by Celia, this fabulous scrappy quilt.

quilted with Spilled Ink
So many great fabrics in this.

This lovely quilt by Faye.

quilted with Greenery 

This lovely spring-themed quilt by Donna.

quilted with Daisy3

This fantastic modern quilt for Hamels.

quilted with Latte

Love this panto against the straightness of the quilt.

Also for Hamels, the perfect Olympic quilt.

quilted with Maple Sryup

By Faith. I love this quilt.

quilted with Daisy 3

So much pretty.

This lovely quilt by Denise.

quilted with Dandelion


This quilt by Arlana; she was lucky to get it back ;)

quilted with Contempo

I love this picture Arlana sent me after.

This cutie by Helen

quilted with Treetop
Super cute.

Lastly, these two beauties by Candi.

quilted with Flirtatious 

Absolutely stunning.

And this one. Love!

This was quilted with an old panto called Fairy Floss.

Thanks for looking!

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