quilt monday

I have an entire jelly roll cut into 2.5inch squares. Years ago, I attempted a quilt using a jelly roll but there wasn't enough colour variation in the roll so I pulled the entire top apart and ended up with a whack of squares. I wanted to make something quick and easy and this fit the bill.

Hello Luscious by BasicGrey and some yummy Grunge fabric-perfection.

I kept the quilting simple and did straight lines. I was also in a hurry and this was the first thing I thought of lol.

I had just enough of the teal Grunge for the binding.

And hidden in the bag of all these leftover squares, a little surprise.
There were some granny square blocks leftover from a previous project.

I quickly figured out why the blocks were abandoned when I went to trim them, the piecing was not precise on this blocks and trimming them up was a nightmare. But unless you look closely, you would never notice. I hope lol.

quilted with Double Plume

It's so narrow(roughly 9inches), it looks like a scarf lol 
But it fits the space I wanted it for perfectly.

I currently have 7(!!!!) quilts awaiting binding. One dating alllll the way back to January lol. I better get hand sewing.

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