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I debated about writing this post since I usually keep 'real life' from my blog but it explains my sudden disappearance last week.

We got a phone call Monday afternoon that Boy2 had gotten into an accident on the highway. Jim and I took off fairly quickly out to the scene. We weren't prepared for what we saw when we got there.

Boy2 and his friend were hit by an impaired driver. 
At 3pm on a Monday afternoon.

God was watching over the 2 boys. For an accident like this(the car rolled twice off a major highway), we are beyond blessed that both boys are in as fair shape as they are.

They both have a long recovery ahead of them and we are hopefully that they will both make full recoveries. 
The fact that they are both here is a miracle in itself.

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Sherry said...

Oh my goodness. I will add both families to my prayers for a speedy recovery.

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