playing catchup

Lots of great looking client quilts lately. Christmas is getting closer every day(closer than I had thought!) and quilters have been busy!

This pretty Christmas quilt by Dianna

quilted with Holly Ribbon

Love this scrappy quilt by Gwen

quilted with Laurie

Also by Gwen,

quilted with a meander

Love this one by Bonnie

quilted with Entangle

This panto has become a real favourite.

A simple one by Marie

Quilted with Bloomin Stars

Love how the business of the panto works so well on this quilt.

Some pillow shams for Lauraine 

quilted with a meander

I adore this one by Nadia

quilted with Trailing Vine

Another one of my favourites.

And this lovely one by Bev

quilted with a meander

Happy Thursday!

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