Haven't had bunches of time to spend in my sewing room lately so mini projects have become a favorite.

I made a letter E for my sister in law awhile back, she asked if I could do 2 J's, one for my brother and one for my nephew.

I keep seeing Pineapple quilts popping up on Instagram and I couldn't hold off any longer. So one evening I made this.

Super cute if I may say so!

I wanted to say thank you for all the emails and comments regarding Boy4s injury. He's hanging in there; his wrist is almost back to normal which frees him(and me!!) more than we had hoped. He goes in later this week to get clearance on his concussion and to make sure the break is healing well. Because of where the break is, he has a removable cast and has to do arm exercises twice a day which truly suck. But he is being a real trooper! Spring break starts next week which will help too.

Happy Tuesday! 

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Zanymouse said...

I haven't caught onto the mini quilt craze yet (too many ongoing projects at the same time), but I love what I've been seeing around social media. Your letter quilts are super cute! Is there a pattern or tutorial for your alphabet? Your pineapples are adorable and I can't wait to see how you quilt them up!

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