I've done hardly any crafting this year for Christmas, I haven't even made a single gift yet. I'm only planning on one so I'm not panicking but it's still weird lol.

I've been looking at these on Pinterest all year and finally made one.

I love how it looks. So different from a usual wreath. I almost bought a bigger frame and now that it's on the door, I'm glad I went with this smaller one(it's an 8x10)

I did make myself a new table runner with the leftover from my Ribbon Star quilt.

I had a wee bit of an accident on Monday; I sliced the tip of my right index finger open. Of course I am right handed so this has made some things a little interesting.  I'm hoping it heals soon since I can't do any hand sewing right now.

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Doreen said...

I had a "run-in" with a rotary cutter (new blade!) a couple of weeks ago but it was my left index finger(I'm right handed). Was a tad tender for the piano playing that I do but all's well!!!! Love the simplicity of the runner......perfect for the season!

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