back to work

We just spent a fantastic 2 weeks in California for Boy2's grad trip. We went with 3 other families; yup, we were one of those huge groups that clogged up all the ride lines lol.

It's back to work for now; here's a few client quilts that I finished up before we left.

Angela made this quilt for her mother.

quilted with Floral Meander

Love these blocks.

Deb is a friend from school. She started this embroidery 20 years ago when pregnant with her daughter. She figured it was time to finally get it finished.

quilted with a meander

Carole's lovely scrap quilt.

quilted with Flirtatious Leaves

I am loving this new pantograph.

Kelly made this gorgeous log cabin quilt.

quilted with Morning Glory

So striking.

Kathleen found these blocks at a local thrift store. Someone did not realize what they were throwing away!

quilted with Floral Meander

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