instant gratification

Last week I had to get a filling(booooo). I felt like I totally deserved a pick-me up treat after so I stopped by Hamels  on my way home and grabbed some fabric.

90 minutes after leaving the dentist office I had this.

I have been extra speedy at work this week and got this quilted even.

The straight-line quilting works perfectly on this.

I love these prints!!

I also snuck in my Aurifil mini quilt.

Super cute in Daysail. And the striped binding? Love!!

I also got a quilt whipped up for a special someone.

Did you notice it is the same pattern as the table runner? They look different don't they? Love how just changing fabric for a pattern can give it such a different look.


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Nice table runner and mini. That mini has been on my to do list for a while but I keep pushing it out of my way. one of these days I will get it done.

Zanymouse said...

Super cute, I love the fabric on the table runner!

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