recent favorites

Angela is one of my newer clients; she brought in some lovelies for me to finish up.

Her Swoon quilt,

quilted with Flirtatious

Her middle block; stunning!

Angela also did this lovely Log Cabin quilt.

quilted with Morning Glory

This fabulous quilt by Debbie.

quilted with Bell Blossom

By Hilda 

quilted with Autumn Leaves

This one by Wilma, love it!

quilted with Loop the Loop

Jackie made this Sunbonnet Sue quilt for her sister.

I did a rose pattern in the sashings and border,

and a meander around the Sue's

Jackie also made this lovely Asian themed quilt.

quilted with Fanciful

Roseva pieced this next one. And it inspired one of the grad quilts I am doing this year.

quilted with Contempo

So fantastic!

Vicky's Trip Around the World.
I still haven't made one of these lol.

quilted with a meander

Lastly, this fabulous quilt by MaryAnna

quilted with Lianna's Charm

1 comment:

Zanymouse said...

Wow, you have been busy! Such pretty quilts and quilting. *sigh*

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