I love quilt show season

And getting to see all the new patterns and quilts that Hamels has ready to tempt quilters.

I'm not a fan of basket quilts but this one is lovely

quilted with Antique Lace

I love how the quilting just blends in.

This lovely civil war quilt.

quilted with Bountiful Feathers

I love this one.

quilted with Trailing Vine

It's never too early for snowmen.

quilted with Winter White

How cute are they?

I love this kids quilt.

Quilted with Tractors

This kit has already been very popular for Hamels.

Quilted with Spiral Leaves

This is one of Hamels most popular classes currently.

Quilted with Daisy3

This one is cute.

Quilted with Daisy3

Just had to quilt feathers all over this next one.

Quilted with Frisky Feathers

Another winter quilt.

Quilted with Flirtatious 

Yay for more snowman quilts.

Quilted with Swirl

Super cute!

Thanks for keeping me out of trouble Hamels!


Barb said...

Thanks so much for showing these...I love love basket quilts

Zanymouse said...

You have been busy! Such talented quilters in your area, and I love your quilting. Some motifs are more difficult to see, and I'm curious what Frisky Feathers look like.

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