quilt show

It's been a while since I've shown some client quilts. Here's a few that have kept me busy this month. All of these are from Hamels Quilt shop.

quilted with Bayside

I love this next quilt. This same line came out in a teal; stunning!!
quilted with crazy 8s
Quilting a modern pattern on it wasn't expected by Hamels but it looked/s perfect for it.

These next ones are fantastic for a snowman lover like myself. Both were quilted with Flirtatious.

And this embroidery quilt.

Super cute!

Love this next one.

quilted with He Loves Me

Love this new fabric line.

quilted with Autumn Leaves

More Christmas themed fabric.

quilted with Lush Leaves

Love the panel with this line.

An adorable baby quilt.

quilted with Shooting Stars

This fun flannel farm quilt.

quilted with Swirl

quilted with Wildflower

Lastly, this stunning quilt.

quilted with Morning Glory

Love the detail.

Do you have a favorite?


QuiltSue said...

They're all great, and I love your quilting. I can't choose a favourite, they all are, for one reason or another.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the pattern is called for the 3rd one from the top - blue and white?

QuiltNut Creations said...

The pattern is Seawall, you can download it from here http://www.lovequilting.com/shop/free-benartex-patterns/sea-wall/

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