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Since my travelling days are over for a while(I've been to the East coast twice in 3weeks lol), I can finally get some sewing done. I did drop my sewing machine off to get serviced before trip #1 and picked it up on the way home from trip #2 lol.

I started on these blocks way back in March. I had seen a tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company; I had a layer cake I had bought on a whim that I felt would work perfectly.

I did put my quilt together a wee bit different than how the tutorial shows but aren't instructions just suggestions anyway ;)

I got the quilt layed out(I did swap out that light coloured block on the left side), I left my sewing room to finish cooking up dinner.
And came back downstairs to this.

Someone was very pleased with himself.

Furry little monster! And yes, I know better lol.

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Sneaky kitty. They love to be in the middle of the mix. I have 2 of them at home myself so I know how that all goes. Have fun putting it all back together.

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