modern edge

A majority of my longarming clients are older so I get excited when I get a modern themed quilt to quilt. Even more excited when it's one of my 'grandma' clients who has made it.

Margaret made this quilt for her granddaughter.

The straight line quilting was the perfect finishing touch.

Lysa made this quilt. 

More straight lines for it.

Sheila made this for an upcoming grandson; he'll be arriving any day!

I absolutely love how this one turned out; so cute!

quilted with Mod Dots

Carolyn pieced this quilt.

quilted with Wildflower

Janice made two of these for newly arrived twins.

quilted with Raindrops

Marg pieced this stunning quilt.

Quilted with Funky Fleur de Lys

Love, love and love!!

Barb's beautiful quilt.

Quilted with Watercourse


And lastly, this fantastic quilt by Lily.

Quilted with Square Dance

Lily is on holidays right now and hasn't picked this up yet. I just might have to keep it lol!


QuiltSue said...

Oh woww, there are some wonderful quilts there. Thanks too for providing links to the quilting patterns you used. (I admit, I have bought several of them in the past!)

Barb said...

Enjoyed seeing all of the lovely quilts, thanks!

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