Did not turn out as planned. My lovely beautiful first day off in 3 weeks and I spent 7 hours of my day yesterday on the phone. I had returned an internet phone on Monday and for soem reason, Tuesday night, our internet was turned off. I contacted our provider yesterday morning and was told there was an outage in the area; no big deal. Just after lunch, Jim called me to say that he had tried emailing me and it had been returned as non-existing email. Huh??

Turns out that all of our emails had been 'lost'. After way too many phone calls, three have been found; my two are still out there somewhere. I've been told that everything will be fixed by lunch today. I have to say that I will believe it when I see it.

As a result, this is the only bit of sewing I got done yesterday.

The good news? Jim is coming home tonight and can help solve the where is the email question if needed. And the weather has changed for our upcoming long weekend. Instead of the lovely sun that was expected, it will be a typical wet and rainy long weekend.

And I just may have picked up a few goodies at the quilt shop yesterday

It will be a great weekend.


Three Birds Inspired said...

Sorry yesterday wasn't stellar but look at the new pretties to play with! Have a great weekend!!

Terri in BC said...

Love your pretties! We're closing early Friday so I plan on picking some up myself, to get through this long weekend with very few plans other than sewing my heart out!

Katherine said...

Oh, look at those pretty fabrics! Yes, it does sound like your weekend will be lovely despite the liquid sunshine (which we're predicted to have too ;o). Happy sewing!

QuiltSue said...

Well I hope you got your internet problems sorted out.

Those fabrics are just gorgeous.

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