love day

Happy Valentine's Day readers.

I didn't realize how many Valentine's decorations I had until I went to do this post lol.

I did the heart artwork last week. Not thrilled with it but since I seem to be the only one who can notice the imperfections in it; it stays. For now ;)

must paint fireplace. any suggestions? white is not an option

This is still one of my favorite quilts.

And my new Valentine's one.

quilted with Folk Heart
I got my Valentine's mailed off just in time this year. And I lucked out; they were delivered today-perfect timing! 

Sadly I didn't get my embroider project finished. I finished the embroidery but that's as far as I got. I was going to sew it together when I got home today but as you can see; not all my tracing washed out. Glad I noticed before I ironed it!

Now Jim and I are off to cook lots and lots of pancakes. Our youth group is doing a formal pancake dinner tonight for Valentine's Day and we volunteered to cook. Should be a fun night!

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