playing catch-up

I have lots and lots of customer quilts to show you from before Christmas.  I broke them up into three batches so you aren't totally overwhelmed. I'll admit, I was overwhelmed when I realized how many there actually was lol.

First up, this super cute quilt by Donna.
quilted with Daisies Galore

Della's lovely quilt.
quilted with Splash

Carole's stunning quilt.
quilted with Star Swirl

Gwen made this string quilt for herself.
quilted with Floral Meander

 And had so much fun with it that she made two for her grandsons.
One in blue,

and one green.
both quilted with Laurie

This is the first quilt that Linda has made.
quilted with Holly Ribbon
I love how the quilting pattern shows up on the fabric.

Next up, this lovely embroidery quilt by Margaret.
quilted with an all over meander
Next, these two quilt by Donna.
quilted with Ribbon Rose

This next quilt, Donna made for mom for Christmas lol.
quilted with Holly Ribbon

Carole's cute baby quilt
quilted with Cotton

And these two I Spy quilts for her grandsons
quilted with an allover meander

Also by Carole, this puzzle quilt.
quilted with Random Star

And lastly, by Sheila. 
This lovely table runner.
quilted with Holly Ribbon
And a late Halloween quilt.
quilted with Spider Web

Hope you enjoyed the show and tell. I'll do another next week.


Anonymous said...

Girl....I am overwhelmed! You said you had been really busy! Lovely! Hugs........

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

You do have customers that make the most lovely quilts!

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